Pro Line Fusion

Signature TECHNICAir is the first to offer the Pro Line Fusion upgrade for your King Air 350.

Pro Line Fusion's integrated aviation systems are intuitive, icon-based, touch screen primary flight displays—exclusively available from Rockwell Collins. They provide easy, eyes-forward operation, larger primary flight displays and higher resolution synthetic vision than any other King Air 350 glass cockpit retrofit on the market today. This upgrade is designed to be a low cost and minimally invasive option by utilizing components of the original onboard systems.

Signature TECHNICAir’s Winston-Salem MRO location is the first avionics dealer to offer this upgrade. With a knowledgeable and tenured team, you can be confident that Signature TECHNICAir will make the process as seamless as possible. You can expect flexible scheduling, communication through out the upgrade process and minimal downtime for your aircraft. Our team at INT can also provide inspections, airframe maintenance, parts support, and other avionics installs and repairs. Let us know how we can help!

Why choose Pro Line Fusion?

The retrofit solution delivers next-generation, eyes-forward touch screen capabilities on the largest primary flight displays and the highest resolution synthetic vision available for King Air 350 aircraft. The upgrade also has an estimated flyaway price that is substantially more affordable than the current certified glass cockpit retrofit on the market, and brings with it a list of performance-enhancing capabilities.


Capabilities include:

  • Three interchangeable 14-inch touch screen flight displays to optimize dispatch ability Rockwell Collins’ patented airport dome on the synthetic vision system (SVS) that better orients the pilot with the destination airport from the top of the descent
  • Built-in, geo-referenced electronic navigation charts that display “own-ship” aircraft position for enhanced situational awareness during approaches that automatically transition to the airport diagram after landing to make surface navigation easier
  • Target runway highlighting on the SVS and directional highlight arrows on the airport diagram to help pilots avoid runway confusion during takeoffs, approaches, and landings
  • Touch-interactive graphical maps with high-resolution terrain, weather overlays, obstacles, and geopolitical boundaries
  • Fully-featured flight management system positions operators for airspace modernization with localizer performance as well as vertical navigation (LPV) approach capability and radius-to-fix (RF) legs
  • Pilot-configurable primary and multifunction display windows that can show any system information, including enhanced vision or security cameras
  • A platform for future enhancements implemented via software-only updates

Rockwell Collins’ award-winning Pro Line Fusion, which is featured on light jets, intercontinental business, air transport and military tanker special missions aircraft, helps pilots quickly and intuitively manage, monitor and master flight automation. The touch screen, icon-based primary flight display solution for King Airs makes it even simpler for pilots to transition from the aircraft’s legacy avionics. Rockwell Collins has been the King Air flight deck of choice for more than 20 years and has been delivered on more than 2,600 King Airs since 1990.

Awards and Recognition for Pro Line Fusion

  • Technology Innovation Award, 2011; The Wall Street Journal
  • Innovator of the Year, 2012; Flightglobal Magazine
  • Editors' Choice Award, 2012; Flying Magazine
  • Applied Technology in Safety, 2013; Edison Award (Gold)
  • America Technology Award for Innovation, 2013; TeachAmerica Foundation
  • Factory authorized service for Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, Piaggio and Piper.
  • Embraer Authorized Service Center capabilities at Washington Dulles (IAD).
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